Monday, February 20, 2017

Link 4,217

• The Who: Linda Massoni
• The Where: Los Angeles, CA
• The Link: "Hello, Jennifer, Roses are red, violets are blue, but who needs flowers when you have Brighton? :-) Thanks for letting us bloom for you with this package from Linda! Come back soon! Lovely Wishes, Susi."

Link 4,216

• The Who: Jennifer McEnany
• The Where: Boston, MA
• The Link: "Snow days call for #chainlinkheartproject pancakes."

Links 4,213 - 4,215

• The Who: Mama Massoni
• The Where: Portola Valley, CA
• The Link: "What the worm(s) in the pool created and conveyed. Totally changed my response to their presence. Had to share."

• The Link: "James and Samantha's gift and official request that I officiate at their wedding, London, March 2018 <3"

• The Link: "Rain, rain, and more rain."

Link 4,212

• The Who: Becky Baran
• The Where: West Hartford, CT
• The Link: "Chainlink for you! <3"

Links 4,209 - 4,211

• The Who: Kiki Pardini
• The Where: Santa Rosa, CA
• The Link: "Raising hearts in Santa Rosa."


• The Where: Mendocino, CA
• The Link: "Mendocino Hearts of Headlands."


• The Link: "Happy Birthday!"

Links 4,205 - 4,208

• The Who: Kate C.
• The Where: Tucson, AZ
• The Link: "My new family car sticker!"

• The Link: "Was scraping old silicone off my bathroom mirror, when this teeny tiny little heart appeared."

• The Link: "I'm finding hearts everywhere, and that usually means Lorenzo wants me to check in on his mama."

• The Link: "Visiting the Desert Museum, and found this for you!"