Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Link 4,102

• The Who: Jilliann Millard
• The Where: New York City, NY
• The Link: "💙 plate from our anniversary dinner at Jean George 😍"

Monday, May 30, 2016

Link 4,101

• The Who: Brook Marcogliese
• The Where: Masada National Park, Israel
• The Link: "#chainlinkheartproject carried this <3 rock all the way up for you, then spotted the little rock at the top."

Link 4,100

• The Who: Cynthia Dahl
• The Where: Novato, CA
• The Link: "A belated thank you for such a beautiful stone. It makes me wonder what the earth was thinking when she was heaving and ho-ing so mightily as to create such a thing. I love that it's something different from every angle and side. And that everyone picks it up. It makes me happy. Might be weird to say but thinking I might add it to Ainsley's urn of my ashes. Makes me smile to think of it bonking around in here."

Link 4,099

• The Who: Dr. Jessica Zucker
• The Where: Los Angeles, CA
• The Link: "Dare yourself to change culture."

Feminist Apparel

Link 4,098

• The Who: Evie and Ellie Heitmann
• The Where: San Carlos, CA
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Link 4,097

• The Who: Yabome Casper
• The Where: Brooklyn, NY
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Link 4,096

• The Who: Kate C.
• The Where: Florida
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Link 4,095

• The Who: Whitney Kopf
• The Where: Santa Barbara, CA
• The Link: "Reading this book and thinking of you!!"

Link 4,094

• The Who: Becky Baran
• The Where: Shakespeare's Garden, Brookfield, CT
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Links 4,092 - 4,093

• The Who: Michelle Harty
• The Where: New York City, NY
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

• The Where: Ketchikan, AK
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Links 4,090 - 4,091

• The Who: Jocelyn Hoppa
• The Where: TBD
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

• The Link: "Enough of me, but I did find this shell with a perfect heart hold in it. I showed my mom and she said 'get out!' and almost pushed me over like Elaine from Seinfeld lol."

Link 4,089

• The Who: Kiki
• The Where: Sonoma, CA
• The Link: "Sonoma sunset hearts."

Links 4,087 - 4,088

• The Who: Mama
• The Where: Portola Valley, CA
• The Link: "Unforgettable."

• The Link: "Heart toast."

Link 4,086

• The Who: Devon Kuehn
• The Where: Yellowstone National Park, WY
• The Link: "Heart Spring!!! Lorenzo's birthday wishes to Tava."

Link 4,085

• The Who: Bekki Lyon
• The Where: Seattle, WA
• The Link: "Toddler art project."

Link 4,084

• The Who: Jessica McKenzie
• The Where: Bothell, WA
• The Link: "Bacon love."

Link 4,083

• The Who: Lindsay Bucha Bernsohn
• The Where: New Pond Farm, West Redding, CT
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Links 4,081 - 4,082

• The Who: Karin Andersson
• The Where: Gagnef, Sweden
• The Link: "Friday love in the Kingdom of Red Barns. Have a beautiful start of your weekend."

• The Link: "Pick the day. Enjoy it—to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present, and I don't want to spoil any of it fretting about the future." —Audrey Hepburn

Link 4,080

• The Who: Katie Battle
• The Where: Porta, Roma, Italia
• The Link: @chainlinkheartproject

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Link 4,079

• The Who: Yabome Casper
• The Where: Brooklyn, NY
• The Link: "Morning walk hearts. Do you see all three @jmassdini?"

Link 4,078

• The Who: Mama
• The Where: Portola Valley, CA
• The Link: "First Holy Communion Celebratory Luncheon for Mackenzie and her twin sister, Tessa. Mackenzie surprised Nonna with heartful artwork."

Link 4,077

• The Who: Jessica van Maanen
• The Where: Praha-Suchdol, Czech Republic
• The Link: "I will never tire of this view. And the heart-shaped cloud? Utter perfection."

Links 4,071 - 4,076

• The Who: Linds
• The Where: Minneapolis, MN
• The Link: "I found some hearts in Minneapolis!!"


• The Where: Carmel, CA
• The Link: "Thinking of you with heats on Ocean Ave in Carmel, CA."


• The Where: Iowa Falls, IA
• The Link: "Visiting my aunt. She loves catalogues—found these as we flipped and chatted :)"

Link 4,070

• The Who: Jennifer Stewart
• The Where: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
• The Link: "Heart in a tree."

Links 4,064 - 4,069

• The Who: Leslie Forman
• The Where: San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "In the bar at the Shelton Theatre, downtown SF. I went to a retro performance with a small cast and spotted this in the bar."

• The Link: "On Valencia Street on a beautiful Spring day."

• The Link: "Walking up Noe St. by Davies Medical Center on the way from Market to the N, I spotted this heart on the sidewalk with my name! Someone out there must be thinking of me, or someone with a similarly fantastic name."

• The Where:
• The Link: "This mural is outside Kasa, a restaurant on 18th and Noe that serves homestyle Indian food."


• The Where: Big Sur, CA
• The Link: "From a camping trip to Big Sur back in December. Scrolling through the pictures on my phone I noticed the heart formed by the rocks in the water. Such a spectacular place!"


• The Where: San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "One more. As posted on Facebook."

Link 4,063

• The Who: Lucia Massoni
• The Where: Fairmont Heights, San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "My students remembered Lorenzo's story; day before yesterday they worked on a project, found the heart shape on the end of the caña, asked me to add a photo to the project!"

Link 4,062

• The Who: Emily Heitmann
• The Where: San Carlos, CA
• The Link: "This one."

Link 4,061

• The Who: Karin Andersson
• The Where: Gagnef, Sweden
• The Link: "The new day has greeted us with no rules except for the rules we placed with it, greet it with open arms and endless possibility." —Steve Maraboli. Lots of Lovely Monday Wishes Lovelies and a heart to @jmassdini."