Why I Want You to Help Me Collect Hearts

I've been collecting hearts for three years now. I find them here and there and everywhere. I see them painted on the wall, carved into the concrete, sculpted into rock, and even scattered across the grass by a strong wind. They remind me of Lorenzo. Maybe they are from him.

I've stopped questioning their prevalence and now relish each heart when it appears. They feel like links in a chain. When I've doubted where the chain is leading or how much darkness is up ahead, seeing hearts makes me feel like I'm at least following the path, even if I'm standing stock-still. I followed them through having our daughter and now we find hearts together.

I miss the hearts when days go by without a link in the chain. So, I ask all of you to help fill the gaps and create this path with me. My big dream is to produce a book that could also raise money for heart causes. But first things first... Let's build a chain! Let's acknowledge all of these hearts out there in the world.

I'm not the first person to collect hearts, but that's not what this is about—being the first or the only. The heart, especially, is too universal for that kind of thinking. This is about how what you find on your path may just help someone else on theirs. For me, the links in this chain help me recognize my son in the world and in the hearts of others. I hope this projects reveals the many ways the links can also help you.

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