Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Link 4,204

• The Who: Stephanie Zarecky
• The Where: Pittsburgh, PA
• The Link: "Here's a heart from Scarlett for Lorenzo <3"

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Links 4,202 - 4,203

• The Who: Leslie Forman
• The Where: Oakland, CA
• The Link: "I spotted this window display of heart art in downtown Oakland. It's Sunday, quiet, and this particular storefront is a bit bleak. But the window display has heart-shaped boxes and heart gift bags and a small frame that says 'always follow your heart' and at this very moment that message makes so much sense. My heart knows I can do so much better than this, here... onward."

Link 4,201

• The Who: Jennifer McEnany
• The Where: Boston, MA
• The Link: "Saw this and thought of you. You can outfit the whole fam :)"

Found via Laura Jansen/The Mom Edit

Link 4,200

• The Who: Mama
• The Where: Portola Valley, CA
• The Link: "<3"

Link 4,199

• The Who: Susan Sievert
• The Where: Dalton Gardens, ID
• The Link: "<3 in my backyard."

Link 4,198

• The Who: Courtney Anderson
• The Where: San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "On such a day (1/21/2017)... in the cement no less. There will be growth despite the environment."

Link 4,197

• The Who: Becky Baran
• The Where: West Hartford, CT
• The Link: "Hearts at the start of Fletchy's painting!"

Link 4,196

• The Who: Lynsey Barkoff
• The Where: Washington, D.C.
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Monday, January 16, 2017

Link 4,195

• The Who: Kendra Lamy
• The Where: Sibley Memorial Hospital, Washington, D.C.
• The Link: "Soy sauce at Sibley."

Friday, January 6, 2017

Link 4,194

• The Who: Courtney Anderson
• The Where: San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "So many, but this one just now... walk home from work <3. Sending you and your family mucho love."

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Link 4,193

• The Who: Mia Batson
• The Where: Chantilly, VA
• The Link: "Found a little heart... on my English muffins clip."

Links 4,191 - 4,192

• The Who: Kate C.
• The Where: Tucson, AZ
• The Link: "Hi love. Just sending because I've never seen a melting heart before, and maybe you haven't either. Mwah!"

• The Link: "And spotted this one in downtown Tucson, when tom and I were on a school day date."

Link 4,190

• The Who: Cathy --> Kiki
• The Where: Los Angeles, CA --> Santa Rosa, CA
• The Link: "