Thursday, July 30, 2015

Link 3,611

• The Who: Nonna
• The Where: Portola Valley, CA
• The Link: "H's Heart Puzzle. Her tea party puzzle awaits. This is a good first try."

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Links 3,609 - 3,610

• The Who: Vicki LaBoskey
• The Where: The beach, CA
• The Link: "In my day at the beach with 'the moms' we visited a beautiful glass blowing shop which had this wonderful basket of glass hearts and these gorgeous lamps with hearts in them. I thought of you of course!" {7.28.15}

Links 3,606 - 3,608

• The Who: Emily in Chile
• The Where: Los Angeles, CA
• The Link: "Interrupting my all-Crossfit-all-the-time posts because Nora would like to present her <3-shaped white spot as a contribution to the #chainlinkheartproject."


• The Where: Matanzas, Chile
• The Link: "This is from our long weekend trip to Matanzas. We found two heart-shaped islands at the mouth of the Rapel River, and I just noticed that if you look on Google Maps the hearts are clearly visible!"


• The Where: Emerald Bay State Park, Lake Tahoe, CA
• The Link: "All of these were from a hike around Emerald Bay. There were hearts everywhere!"

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Link 3,605

• The Who: Anjelika
• The Where: SeaTac, WA
• The Link: "Love chip!! I couldn't believe it."

Link 3,604

• The Who: Jessica van Maanen
• The Where: Munich, Germany
• The Link: "Nature's hearts are the best! Turned my nephew into a heart hunter and he found this in Munich."

Link 3,603

• The Who: Karin Andersson
• The Where: Gagnef, Sweden
• The Link: "From my kingdom to yours, happy weekend."

Link 3,602

• The Who: Kylie Towle
• The Where: Santiago, Chile
• The Link: "Not sure why I was looking at the underside of this table but when I did, this is what I found."

Link 3,601

• The Who: Christina M. Hughes
• The Where: Needham, MA
• The Link: "When bambina meets her big cousin and gets her own crown."

Links 3,598 - 3,600

• The Who: Michelle Harty
• The Where: San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "Peeking through a wooden fence."

• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Link 3,597

• The Who: Kiki
• The Where: Cotati, CA
• The Link: "Welcoming Heart."

Monday, July 27, 2015

Link 3,596

• The Who: Becky Baran
• The Where: West Hartford, CT
• The Link: "In the office."

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Link 3,595

• The Who: Ryan
• The Where: At home
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Links 3,590 - 3,594

• The Who: Linds
• The Where: Harbour Island, Bahamas
• The Link: "I think I have a new spot for you... Hearts from Harbour Island in the Bahamas!"

• The Where: Nassau, Bahamas
• The Link: "Sunset at the Cove, Atlantis <3"

Friday, July 24, 2015

Link 3,589

• The Who: Valerie Meek
• The Where: Boston, MA
• The Link: "Patrick's heart for the Chain-Link Heart Project :)"

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Links 3,587 - 3,588

• The Who: Kate
• The Where: Florida
• The Link: "I was thinking of Lorenzo, while we were eating blueberries."

• The Link: "Strawberry hearts for Roscoe's third birthday."

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Link 3,586

• The Who: Jessica van Maanen
• The Where: Austin, TX
• The Link: "4th of July Sparkler Heart made specifically for #chainlinkheartproject."

Links 3,583 - 3,585

• The Who: Little Darling
• The Where: Mercer Kitchen, New York City, NY
• The Link: "Someone laid some LOVIN on Prince Street."


• The Where: 4th Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY
• The Link: #lovemore #ilovesmores #chainlinkheartproject


• The Where: Brooklyn, NY
• The Link: "Was there for a second, now it's gone."

Link 3,582

• The Who: Michelle Harty
• The Where: San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "You can kinda see it in this pic from yesterday. My aunt Sue has a <3 like this on her wrist that I loved since I was a little girl... as I got older I appreciated the simplicity. My cousin @meganharty and I followed suit."

Monday, July 20, 2015

Link 3,581

• The Who: Brian Moss
• The Where: The Middle of the Pacific Ocean
• The Link: "The closest an atheist will come to changing their mind."

Links 3,579 - 3,580

• The Who: Michelle Harty
• The Where: Sonoma, CA
• The Link: #heartbarn #chainlinkheartproject

Link 3,578

• The Who: Little Darling
• The Where: Brooklyn, NY
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Link 3,577

• The Who: Linda Kemppe
• The Where: Greenbrae, CA
• The Link: "Heart for you. xo, Lin."

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Link 3,576

• The Who: Katie Brophy
• The Where: Falls Church, VA
• The Link: "Found on my walk tonight."

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Link 3,575

• The Who: Shannon Luckovich
• The Where: Philadelphia, PA
• The Link: "I had read and checked out pictures of your chain-link heart project and had kept my eyes out for little heart reminders of Sawyer, but they never came. Then, on a particularly emotionally raw day last week after moving, I found one (actually two!). It was a disgustingly gross and humid day, I was carrying bags into our front door and dropped a few. I was frustrated and on the verge of tears. When I went to put the key in the door, I noticed that two of our locks are heart-shaped! I hadn't noticed them until that moment... a moment that I needed."

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Link 3,574

• The Who: Charlotte Stevenson
• The Where: Oakland, CA
• The Link: "I also realized today {7.13.15} that my necklace has a heart! I have Balen's initial, Rhys's solidified ashes, and my turquoise stone. It actually used to be an earring but I was compelled to put it on my necklace a few months ago for some reason. Now I see it's the shape of an anatomical heart! Maybe Lorenzo helped me find that one."

Link 3,573

• The Who: Karin Andersson
• The Where: Gagnef, Sweden
• The Link: "Dawn in The Kingdom of Red Barns."

Link 3,572

• The Who: Brian Jones
• The Where: Chicago, IL
• The Link: "I <3 CHICAGO!!"

Link 3,571

• The Who: Carla Duren
• The Where: New York City, NY
• The Link: "Appreciate yourself and honor your soul."

Link 3,570

• The Who: Little Darling
• The Where: Brooklyn, NY
• The Link: "When the sun hides just right."

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Links 3,568 - 3,569

• The Who: Linds
• The Where: Tahoe City, CA
• The Link: "Wish you were here!! Two hearts from Tahoe <3"

Link 3,567

• The Who: Eliza Gano
• The Where: Carson, CA
• The Link: "As someone who also loves words, I think you'll enjoy this mural I saw last night."

Link 3,566

• The Who: Anjelika
• The Where: The Stanford Dish Trail, Stanford, CA
• The Link: "Love rocks at the dish."

Link 3,565

• The Who: Gina Longhitano
• The Where: PA
• The Link: #chainlinkheartproject

Link 3,564

• The Who: Little Darling
• The Where: Brooklyn, NY
• The Link: "OMG a heart on Pluto" (photo credit: NASA's New Horizons)

Link 3,563

• The Who: Becky Baran
• The Where: At home, when it took Becky two seconds to find the heart right outside the house we'd been living in for two months. Took me another month to find it again!
• The Link: "Jenn, there's a heart right here!"