How to Submit YOUR Hearts

The Who: Me and my pup, Ruby
The Where: Santiago, Chile
The Link: "Ruby and I found these paper hearts on our street
one morning. They only had so much time to be found
before they blew away or were otherwise scooped up.
What were the chances we'd see them?"

<3 To submit to the Chain-Link Heart Project, please contact: chilejenn at gmail dot com. (I am the only person who can post directly to the site.)

<3 Include an image and related commentary about your found heart(s):

   • The Who (that's you)
   • The Where (where you took the photo)
   • The Link (what you were feeling or thinking at the time)

<3 If you use the official hashtag (#chainlinkheartproject) on Instagram, I'll also be able to find your heart that way.

<3 The Chain-Link Heart Project is open to all and dependent upon building community, so please feel free to spread the word... and the heart.

<3 You can always learn more about me and the journey that inspired this project by visiting my website.

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