Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Links 3,615 - 3,618

• The Who: Ashley Soares
• The Where: California - At a Table ;-) (These are just a few and I can't remember specifics, but they are all food!)
• The Link: "I found your project through instagram, specifically through Michelle Harty. My family has always been into heart shaped things and with the ease of cell phones, have been snapping pictures when we come across really good ones. We have hundreds for sure, if not thousands. We actually have been getting more competitive over the years and try to find the perfect shape to top each other. Many of our friends laugh, but naturally join in on the fun. In the end, it's fun to 'find a little love' in the most random places! Naturally, your story really touched me and so I have thought of you and Lorenzo the past few hearts I have found. Food always tastes better when a bit of love is involved!"

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