Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Links 4,064 - 4,069

• The Who: Leslie Forman
• The Where: San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "In the bar at the Shelton Theatre, downtown SF. I went to a retro performance with a small cast and spotted this in the bar."

• The Link: "On Valencia Street on a beautiful Spring day."

• The Link: "Walking up Noe St. by Davies Medical Center on the way from Market to the N, I spotted this heart on the sidewalk with my name! Someone out there must be thinking of me, or someone with a similarly fantastic name."

• The Where:
• The Link: "This mural is outside Kasa, a restaurant on 18th and Noe that serves homestyle Indian food."


• The Where: Big Sur, CA
• The Link: "From a camping trip to Big Sur back in December. Scrolling through the pictures on my phone I noticed the heart formed by the rocks in the water. Such a spectacular place!"


• The Where: San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "One more. As posted on Facebook."

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