Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Link 11

• The Who: Keri Ng
• The Where: Menlo Park, CA
• The Link: "So, ever since your "Found Hearts" post, I've been trying to send you a picture of a heart. I could tell through that post how much healing you were feeling from finding hearts.

I casually looked around and just could not find any. Looking back, I think I was looking for the 'perfect heart' with the 'perfect setting,' 'perfect lighting,' etc... and now I realize that it's not about that -- it's about the joy when I find one. Your Chain-Link Heart Project inspired me to start looking again but more abstractly -- trying to be more open about what a heart is. I was looking and looking and still couldn't find one.

On my way to work this morning, I started looking around on my commute... and looking at the cars and the road. Still couldn't see one. I pulled into the company parking lot and got out of the car and low and behold... I found the most beautiful heart looking back at me on the ground of the company parking lot. It was as if I found a piece of gold. I took the picture in excitement.

Then, I tried to use different filters to change the appearance/color of the picture. Found some cool options... one that made the parking lot purple and made the leaf even more gold. One that gave it a '70's' look. Sepia... black and white... 'hipster'... 'polarize'... 'grunge' ... But then I realized that nothing looked as best as the picture just as I took it. So, attached is the original picture with no modifications.

I hope you get the sense that I had fun finding this heart and it was a nice way to look at things beyond the usual grind of 8 AM to 5 PM work, going home to play with Kaitlyn, doing stuff around the house... and then going to bed -- all sprinkled with the madness of the holiday."

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