Friday, December 21, 2012

Link 18

• The Who: Suzy
• The Where: Sydney, Australia, at my favourite local brekky restaurant
• The Link: "Coffee art is a big deal in Australia. When I first arrived here four years ago, the little shapes I would find in my coffee were always a fun little daily novelty to enjoy. As time went on, I stopped paying attention to them until I was served a heart today. It brought me back to my first few weeks in Australia when I was so thrilled to be having the adventure of my life out in this gorgeous country that I couldn't pass on the chance to move here permanently. My head was extremely confused by the decision, but my heart was clear. And now, when I look at all the highs and lows over the past four years, I do  have to say that this experience has been much, much, much harder than I could ever have imagined. But I also realise how much living abroad has helped me recognise and cherish the love I've received from people both near and far. Life has truly surprised me in the most unexpected ways.

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