Sunday, March 17, 2013

Links 360 - 367

• The Who: Anne Vrolyk
• The Where: Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "Here are a few more hearts for your collection. Now that I have your project in mind, I seem to find them everywhere. I was in a part of SF called Hayes Valley - and took a walk on Hayes Street last week.

A little shop has nice art pieces and ended up being a treasure of hearts. I love these photos as art - and enlisted the help of my friend Brian to Instragram them a bit for me.

My father's birthday was Valentines Day - he passed away March 30, 2000. I think about him every time I see a heart. So you and your project are helping me to connect to my Dad - for which I say "thank you".

Blue Glass Heart.

Blue Heart on Green Plate.

Red Heart on Plate with Candles.

Red Glass Heart.

Orange Heart on Paper.

Yellow Heart Green Orange Background.

White Hatched Heart on Red Plate.

Silver Hearts.

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