Monday, November 11, 2013

Links 2,023 - 2,053

• The Who: Brian Jones
• The Where: Clearing out a backlog of hearts from all around the Bay.
• The Link: "Stumbled across a heart covered bathrobe in the Bolinas Free Box..."

• The Link: "Noticed a previously missed heart on a planter at Anne's house..."

• The Link: "Heart candy at the Safeway in the Mission..."

• The Link: "There's a heart in the south atrium at SF City Hall that lists the names of the artists from the 340+ large heart sculptures spread about the City..."

• The Link: "This little homemade heart was spied at Brooke's cottage in the Haight..."

• The Link: "Found these heart-shapes cookie cutters at Cole Hardware in the Mission..."

• The Link: "Noticed a paint splotch on a drop cloth that looked heart-like..."

• The Link: "Found a few hearts in a playhouse behind a friend's new home in Montclair..."

• The Link: "A welcoming heart in a Bernal Heights doorway..."

• The Link: "A heart key chain in Betsy's junk drawer..."

• The Link: "Some people working on a mural with hearts at Decompression down in Dogpatch..."

• The Link: "A trio of hearts from Meg's apartment..."

• The Link: "This 'love not bullets' mural is on the streets of Berkeley..."

• The Link: "A couple of keychain hearts..."

• The Link: "Triscuits are not only the best cracker ever invented, they are also heart-healthy..."

• The Link: "A bench heart in Bolinas..."

• The Link: "Unicorn bling with heart..."

• The Link: "Dog tag hearts..."

• The Link: "A few hearts from a friend's in San Anselmo..."

• The Link: "A dumpster heart..."

• The Link: "Chalkboard heart art at Melly's in Cole Valley..."

• The Link: "Love's Truckstop in Nevada has hearts everywhere!"

• The Link: "And finally, don't I look pretty in my heart tiara?"

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