Friday, January 10, 2014

Links 2,256 - 2,281

• The Who: Brian Jones
• The Where: Point Reyes Station, CA
• The Link: "This past weekend we opted for a drive out of Bo up to Point Reyes Station and returned with a bounty of fresh hearts. We definitely struck the motherlode when we stopped by the studio of Ernesto Sanchez, the artist behind the Spirit House in Bolinas that has already contributed much heart to CLHP. I told Ernesto all about your story and he was genuinely touched to be a part of the project. His studio bursts at the seams with hearts..."

• The Link: "While meandering about the streets and shops of Pt. Reyes, we found another heart on a sign..."

• The Link: "...some heart shaped pasta at Toby's Feed Barn..."

• The Link: "...and one on a bumper outside the surf shop..."

• The Link: "After our day in Pt. Reyes, Serita and I stopped at Vladimir's Czech Restaurant in Inverness for a stein and strudel and a few more hearts..."

• The Link: "Of course, we had to share the CLHP story with the elegant woman seated next to us at the bar when we saw her heart pin on her lapel..."


• The Where: Bolinas, CA
• The Link: "There's an always rotating crop of hearts along the break wall at the beach..."

• The Link: "A few found whilst strolling along..."

• The Link: "There is also a belatedly passed along Christmas cookie heart...."

• The Link: "...and a customized child's chair in the backyard of a new friend."

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