Monday, January 13, 2014

Links 2,292 - 2,327

• The Who: Brian Jones
• The Where: San Rafael, CA
• The Link: "Serita and I headed over the hill from Bo to San Rafael for a Friday date night, stopping first to an open studios show at Art Works Downtown where hearts lurked around each corner of the rambling gallery space..."

• The Link: "Easily one of our favorite installations was down in the basement in the Underground Gallery. For Mother's Day last year they invited people to write notes to their mothers on colorful ribbons which they repurposed and hung from the ceiling in the basement..."

• The Link: "They also hung pencils from a wall asking participants to complete the phrase Home is...'  I left my own note for your family..."

• The Link: "Afterwards, we went for sushi and my sashimi came out looking like a heart..."

• The Link: "A dessert stop delivered another..."

• The Link: "as did a little window shopping..."


• The Where: Around the Bay
• The Link: "Clearing out a backlog of hearts found all around the Bay. There were several hearts at Chris and Deb's flat in the Haight..."

• The Link: "A few hearts on the ground..."

• The Link: "A Hello Kitty heart necklace on a friend..."

• The Link: "A heart form at Mendel's in the Haight..."

• The Link: "Hearts on a railing in the Mission..."

• The Link: "The usual assortment of graffiti hearts from the Haight and Mission..."

• The Link: "Hearts in a jar at Scrap..."


• The Where: Bolinas, CA
• The Link: "Went to Ethan's seventh birthday party at the Bolinas Community Park yesterday and collected another bundle of hearts for CLHP. They came in all shapes and sizes, including an orange peel..."

• The Link: "some rocks..."

• The Link: "an adorably shy little girl..."

• The Link: "scrawled onto the skate park..."

• The Link: "and our little shadow puppetry heart..."

• The Link: "Also stumbled across one today on the way to the post office..."

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