Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Links, 2,843 - 2,848

• The Who: Elsa Valmidiano
• The Where: The streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
• The Link: "As Josh and I made our way around Old San Juan, you can’t escape the beautiful terraces of each building you pass. They are everywhere. I caught these hearts on someone’s balcony and I just loved the red background, filling up the heart outline."

The Where: Poet’s Passage Café, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Link: "Happened upon this adorable angel heart while picking up an angel for my mom. I always have to pick up an angel for her wherever I travel. Also, who could not step into a café called, 'Poet’s Passage'? It was like meant for me!"

The Where: Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Link: "The fort was absolutely breathtaking, and it was lovely to be welcomed into those fort walls by this heart-shaped crest."


The Where: Lake Merritt, Oakland, California
The Link: "It had been a couple of months since taking a stroll around Lake Merritt. It was the FIRST time I walked it counterclockwise out of the million times I have walked it clockwise in the past. Along the way, stepped into this cute boutique and found these hearts just for you!"

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