Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Links 3,522 - 3,523

• The Who: Elsa Valmidiano
• The Where: My kitchen, Oakland, California 
• The Link: "Lorenzo grabbing my attention while I make breakfast: oatmeal and strawberries and making a strawberry salad for our tortoise, Speedy, all while listening to Bjork's 'Venus as a Boy.' My morning was speaking hearts like no one's business. Couldn't have been a more perfect breakfast with Lorenzo."


• The Where: Oceanside, California 
• The Link: "My niece was baptized recently and I captured her wearing her cute Roxy swimsuit with the infamous Roxy heart logo. For those getting baptized at an older age, full immersion happens. Here's my niece, Tala, standing in anticipation in front of the baptismal pool where she's about to take a dip and emerge as a Catholic. Pretty exciting stuff. There's something about water and souls, about souls originating from and returning to water, that place of purity and peace. That's more of a Buddhist thought, but I guess the symbol of water is prevalent in major religions regardless of what we name it. Here's to Lorenzo and beginnings and homecomings with water and a heart. <3"

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