Thursday, January 3, 2013

Link 26

• The Who: Carla Massoni
• The Where: Chestertown, MD
• The Link: "Since our new bakery has opened, I go down every morning around 11 for a latte. The machine they use is one of the great ones from Florence. I love this quiet time -- and take the cup up to my gallery. When you started the 'Heart' project for Lorenzo, I started looking for hearts -- and I am soooo unobservant!! I know why I run a gallery instead of create work for it. Well, I am bringing the coffee up the gallery stairs and I pause to take the first breath of latte foam into my mouth -- and through my crossed eyes -- floating on the surface -- there is Lorenzo's heart! It almost felt like communion. I let the foam rest gently in my mouth and sent my thoughts towards the heavens."

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