Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Link 38

• The Who: Lynsey Barkoff
• The Where: Playa del Carmen, Mexico
• The Link: "It was actually Sarie's hat. Kendra brought it down here and we were looking at it. Suddenly, we both go 'Hey, there is a heart on it.' After I posted it I was thinking about how connected we all are in the world. As human beings. I am here in Mexico, posting a photo to people seeing it all over the U.S. and most importantly you in Chile. I have always loved the shape and symmetry of hearts... but they are not always symmetrical or perfect. I have been looking since you started the project; however, today, when I was not 'looking' for a heart... one appeared."


  1. Couldn't agree more, Emily. I'm still in awe of the connection to Sarie. This is extra special. <3

  2. This IS a special heart. I can't wait to make my trip to Mexico to see this heart and look for others with chilejenn.