Thursday, December 12, 2013

Links 2,147 - 2,158

• The Who: Brian Jones
• The Where: Around the Bay, CA
• The Link: "Hello lovely momma-to-be, here's the latest batch of hearts collected for CLHP. A tiny heart picture frame from a new friend's house above Stinson...

• The Link: "Back in the City, hearts were found on a trash can..."

• The Link: "in a bank window..."

• The Link: "and scrawled on a wall with a message of either 'vote for love' or 'love to vote'..."

• The Link: "A license plate in Mill Valley had heart..."

• The Link: "An angel's card at my doctor's office in Corte Madera with heartfelt joy..."

• The Link: "At CVS in Marin City, there were a couple of Christmas ornaments with heart..."

• The Link: "A gift basket raffle prize raising money for Food for Families in Bolinas contains a bottle of homemade vanilla..."

• The Link: "At Bolinas Hardware, a couple of ornaments had heart..."

• The Link: "In Bernal Heights, wet cement leads to a new opportunity for hearts..."

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