Sunday, December 29, 2013

Links 2,224 - 2,228

• The Who: Amy Christensen
• The Where: Oceanside, CA
• The Link: "Once upon a time our family of 6+ was just 2 living in a fixer-upper in SoCal. Also, once upon a time there was sleep ;) …"

• The Link: "…And one day we moved to TX and lived there for about 3 years…"

• The Link: "…Until we moved to Germany. It was the first time I got to experience a White Christmas…"

• The Link: "…Frohe Weihnachten! We spent 3 Christmas seasons in Germany. I <3 German ornaments…"

• The Link: "…But we eventually found our way back to SoCal. And we 2 that left, once upon a time, came back as 6."

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