Saturday, May 30, 2015

Links 3,483 - 3,488

• The Who: Elsa Valmidiano
• The Where: Temescal Alley, Oakland, CA
• The Link: "I really loved the reflection of the light in the middle of this heart mirror. Josh and I have bought plants in this one plant store where this mirror is and of course it was just calling out to me. A light in my heart for you."

• The Where: Temescal, Oakland, CA
• The Link: "On the day of our 7-year anniversary, Josh and I ditched work and decided to pick up some fancy doughnuts from Temescal Alley. We parked quite a bit away and on our way to the alley, I spotted these heart bees for you on the sidewalk."

• The Where: Oakland, CA
• The Link: "One morning while waiting for casual carpool, I spotted this heart off the curb. I think it might’ve been the day after Valentine’s Day. Quite a while ago but I remember it being a nice interruption to the morning routine."

• The Where: Skyline Trail, Oakland, CA
• The Link: "On a rare Sunday that Josh has off, we hiked up in the Oakland hills and came across an abandoned boy scouts camp. Pretty creepy but found a heart scrawled on one of the walls."


• The Who: The Christensen kids
• The Where: Oceanside, CA
• The Link: "On Easter Sunday, my niece and nephews had drawn in chalk hearts all over their driveway."


• The Who: Elsa & Elsie Valmidiano
• The Where: Union Square, San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "After shopping with my mom for her mother-of-the-bride dress, she insisted we walk around the Square. Despite the usual pandemonium of tourists, I spotted these hearts."

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