Saturday, April 13, 2013

Links 584 - 587

• The Who: Leslie Kraus
• The Where: New Bern, NC 
• The Link: "New Bern is a beautiful city which is full of bears - of course! This one was covered with hearts front and back!"


• The link: "We were at dinner at a great restaurant in New Bern (Morgan's Tavern & Grill) and our waitress was wearing this tie ! We explained your project to her and she was more than happy to let us take this picture of it. She then told us that her boss had been teasing her a lot for still wearing a tie covered with hearts when Valentine's Day was long over - and now it turned out there was a really good reason for her to still be wearing it!"


• The Where: Epcot at Disneyworld, FL 
• The Link: "Heart dishes and aprons with a heart for sale in France at Epcot."

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