Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Links 620 - 623

• The Who: Paul Kraus
• The Where: Monticello, VA
• The Link: "Thomas Jefferson installed the Great Clock at Monticello in 1804-1805. It has two faces—one on the inside in the entrance hall and this one on outside above the front door with only the hour hand. This heart has been around for a long time!!"

• The Where: Kill Devil Hills, NC
• The Link: "This heart is on a weather vane in the Centennial Pavilion at the Wright Brothers National Memorial."

• The Where: Southport, NC 
• The Link: "This heart mosaic table was in the visitor center in Southport. The town is a popular location for filming movies (most recently Safe Haven) and television series."

• The Where: In the Skies
• The Link: "Swizzle stick from Southwest Airlines—flying with heart!"

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