Saturday, April 27, 2013

Links 689 - 695

• The Who: Linds
• The Where: New York, NY
• The Link: "Hey!! I got to go to the East Coast for a few days this week—DC and NY one day each. Wished both were longer to see sights and friends, but guess what I did see?! Hearts!! Several!! Here's one from right under the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan!"

• The Link: "It says TJ too :)"

• The Link: "There were lots of fro yo tricks—I haven't been to NYC in at least three years, and this was a new feature (cupcake street carts too)! This one had hearts in the name :)"

• The Link: "Fresh makeup store had a 'love bar'!! The hearts are made of thumb prints!"

• The Link: "A whole chain has cropped up called Pie Face—they had this logo inside!"

• The Link: "Saw this one from a cab—not a great photo, but liked it a lot because the 'L' sign on the building is full of hearts if you look closely!"

• The Link: "The 'I heart NY' items were everywhere, of course—this cart next to Central Park with the Plaza in the background!"

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