Monday, February 11, 2013

Link 100

• The Who: Heather Page
• The Where: Santiago, Chile by way of Washington, D.C.
• The Link: "I bought it at Eastern Market in D.C. (where I used to live). It was one of a set of three and it wasn't until you mentioned it and I read the blog that I realized it was full of hearts. The love I saw, but I'd missed the hearts... thank you for showing me :) The woman who sold it to me had a funky style, which is why I liked her stuff... the one next to this one is one of my faves: 'Not all who wander are lost.' I try to remember that when I'm a bit too confused or rigid on my path (which happens often).


Heather's heart marks an exciting milestone... Chain-Link Heart Number 100!! When I launched this project two months ago, I had no idea how a collection of hearts that started as a link between me and my son would grow or who it would reach and connect. So far, it's connected hearts and their stories from Sante Fe to Sri Lanka. You've found hearts in the shapes of everything from a tree trunk to an enchilada. No matter where or when or how you found it, you've shared your heart and, in doing so, you've honored my son, given me strength, and shown all of us another side of a heart. Thank you.

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