Thursday, February 21, 2013

Link 154

• The Who: Brian D. Jones
• The Where: San Francisco, CA.
• The Link: "The fire hydrant one is on a school/church around the corner from me in Bernal. Have walked past it tons of times but only noticed it because I'm now drawn into your heart search. I didn't really know what you were doing with all of your hearts until the other day. Just knew that I kept seeing them pop up in your IG feed. Thought maybe you just assigned yourself a scavenger hunt project to help you settle into and/or encourage you to explore your new surroundings. Then the other day, I checked out your blogspot. Had heard about what happened but didn't know the rest of the story. In any case, I'm now on the lookout for hearts for you too. It seems like a lovely and healthy way to process it all."

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