Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Links 495 - 506

• The Who: Brian Jones
• The Where: San Francisco, CA
• The Link: "My friend, Meg, also has a penchant for hearts and I found plenty scattered throughout her home. They hang from the light switch..."

• The Link: "and dangle in the window..."

• The Link: "There's some on the fridge..."

• The Link: "on the bookshelf..."

• The Link: "the nightstand..."

• The Link: "and on the bed..."

NOTE: This is the 500th heart link!!!!!
Halfway to 1,000!
I love that a sweet pup is involved :)

• The Link: "This corazon is from a print in the bedroom."

• The Link: "She also has a collection of heart-shaped rocks on a heart-trimmed tray..."

• The Link: "As well as a backyard scattered about with hearts..."

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