Sunday, June 2, 2013

Link 1,000

• The Who: Mama --> Me
• The Where: Portola Valley, CA
• The Link: My mom first hung this heart in my bedroom back home after she found out I was pregnant with Lorenzo. There's a tile nearby with a book to symbolize me and one with a guitar to symbolize Ryan. All Ryan and I knew then was that he was our baby boy and just how large our hearts were growing on account of him. We didn't yet know about his heart and that it wasn't designed to beat long in our world. After all that's happened this past year, our hearts have kept on growing on account of him. Whenever I see a heart, I see him.

For Lorenzo. We love you.

When I was home recently in California, over the very same days we joyously anticipated Lorenzo last year, I snapped a photo of this heart, this first of many such symbols you and I have since found. I'm posting it today, June 2, which marks one year to the day that we said goodbye to our baby.

It also marks ONE THOUSAND HEART LINKS. I can only begin to thank all of you for contributing to the project, thinking a little differently when your eyes land on a heart, remembering Lorenzo, and spreading the love. You've truly helped me as well as so many others with the insights and connections you've made here. I'm honored to be sharing your hearts with the world.

When I opened up this project to all of you back in December, this was the original goal: to reach 1,000 hearts from others and then curate the project into book form to further support heart causes. Thank you for getting us there and know I aim to do that. But with hearts still coming in, I've also decided to keep the project going here for as long as is needed. What do you say? Want to find more hearts together?! As Lorenzo has taught us and as we have taught each other, they truly are everywhere.


  1. I'll keep sending you hearts! Congratulations on reaching 1,000. I see them everywhere and I always think about you and Lorenzo.

  2. Thank you, Cata! That means the world. Here's to hearts and those who find them.