Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Links 1,063 - 1,078

• The Who: Brian Jones
• The Where: Bolinas, CA
• The Link: "Another day in Bo brought about another bundle of hearts... Looking down at the remnants of the fire that the fire chief so unceremoniously made us extinguish the night before, I noticed a big heart appeared among the ashes..."

• The Link: "Walking along the coast towards downtown, this lost sandal held a heart within its straps..."

• The Link: "I've walked past this Ganesha painting many times and finally noticed the heart held in his hand..."

• The Link: "Going into the little gift shop Uniquities for the first time, I found a few hearts hidden inside, in the form of cookie cutters..."

• The Link: "playing cards..."

• The Link: "and a sparkly red ornament..."


• The Link: "Next stop was the Grand Hotel consignment shop, where I enlisted the help of the owner, Vic, in uncovering hearts. We found them in mugs..."

• The Link: "On a silverware caddy..."

• The Link: "On a knick knack with a doggy on top..."

• The Link: "On a plate stand..."

• The Link: "Beneath a frog..."

• The Link: "Made of glass..."

• The Link: "And Vic even ran upstairs to his home to get us another potato heart..."


• The Link: "Continuing on my Sunday heart hunt, I came across this heart gate..."

• The Link: "And a pair of previously missed hearts amongst the breakwall graffiti..."

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