Monday, June 10, 2013

Links 1,041 - 1,048

• The Who: Brian Jones
• The Where: Bolinas, CA
• The Link: "Back in Bo, collecting hearts like its my job. This colorful heart was on the breakwall along the beach..."

• The Link: "I had to reach over a fence to get this picture of an old art car that I'd seen before in the Bo Fourth of July parade..."

• The Link: "This strand of hearts was strung outside the Kaleidoscope gift shop..."

• The Link: "This pair came off a bumper..."

• The Link: "And there's always a new heart or two in the Spirit House..."

• The Link: "In the hearts-under-my-nose department, I finally noticed that I have hearts on the pillows atop my bed..."

• The Link: "Finally, I left a heart on Agate Beach for others to find..."

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