Thursday, July 18, 2013

Link 1,309

• The Who: Carla Massoni
• The Where: Duomo/Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, Siena, Italy
• The Link: "These are all offerings by people honoring those they love. I had wandered over to light a candle for you—always remember my girls—and I turned around and the wall was filled with hearts. In Italy, Mary, the Mother of God, represents all mothers—she is thought to be miraculous by those who pray to her. When asking for her intercession those who believe donate their hearts to her. The hearts on the wall represent their gratitude to the Madonna and serve as a symbol of their devotion to her. I was overwhelmed with this symbol of love—and brought to tears by the devotion of the 'Mother' to whom we turn for comfort and understanding. Lorenzo was blessed to have you as his mother. Just like Mary—she brings the pain of others on her shoulders to alleviate their suffering. Never was this sacrifice so clear."

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