Thursday, July 25, 2013

Links 1,346 - 1,360

• The Who: Brian Jones
• The Where: San Rafael, CA
• The Link: "Charity is down visiting from Portland and we gathered up a huge pile of hearts in one Tuesday... In San Rafael, we found a heart-covered, Britto-designed suitcase in a shop window..."


• The Where: Pt. Richmond, CA
• The Link: "At the Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline Park in Pt. Richmond, an abandoned building from the days when ferries were the only way to cross the Bay is now a graffiti canvas with hearts hidden all around..."


• The Where: Berkeley, CA
• The Link: "Afterwards, we stopped at Urban Ore in Berkeley where we found so many hearts I opted to consolidate rather than overrun CLHP..."

• The Link: "Stuck in traffic at the Bay Bridge toll plaza, there were a couple of hearts on the lane dividers..."


• The Where: Treasure Island, CA
• The Link: "Stopping half way, we peeked in at Treasure Island where I spied a heart shaped riding crop (doubt it's used for horses)..."

• The Link: "And this sign in Katy's workshop..."

A very heart-filled Tuesday, indeed!!

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