Friday, July 19, 2013

Links 1,311 - 1,315

• The Who: Kylie Towle
• The Where: Seattle, WA
• The Link: "Lots of hearts to go with a delicious vegetarian dinner with a good friend at Café Flora."

• The Link: "Spotted this one on the way to an amazing street fair in West Seattle. It feels like we're in another country."


• The Where: Mercer Island, WA
• The Link: "Enjoying yet another gorgeous day of nannying on Mercer Island, soaking up the sun at the pool. I looked up to see the cloud that floated over... a gentle reminder."


• The Where: Bellevue, WA
• The Link: "Feeding ducks in a flooded parking lot and noticed the spot of concrete in the background."


• The Where: Camano Island, WA
• The Link: "Love WILL always find a way."

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