Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Links 1,291 - 1,292

• The Who: Linds
• The Where: Lake Tahoe, CA
• The Link: "Scrolling through my iPhone pics on my flight to NYC today and realized I probably never sent this—and it's on my all time fav list! Just sitting there on the shore of Lake Tahoe. I'll send another photo so you can really see and feel the scene.

Saw a neat quote in the airport tonight and thought of you and your amazing spirit. It said, 'Life is like a bicycle. To stay balanced, you have to keep moving' (weird Freudian slip: when I typed 'moving' just now, my iPhone autocorrected to 'loving'—interesting!).


• The Where: New York City, NY
• The Link: "Hearts in NYC. So many to choose from, this ring is my fav!!"

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